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Communion Offerings

To Support Morrow’s Work with the Community

Over the years, our communion offerings have supported many missions in the life of the church. The very good news is that they

are now all well-funded:  global ministries, pastor’s discretionary, Sierra Leone, even our memorials!  Now, we need to attend to our own ministries, and our building use partnerships with the many organizations who come in and through our doors.  Our new communion offerings will help to support the internal so that we can continue to be at work in our community and our world.  Please always remember:  all the work of the church is ministry and mission!

October –World Communion Special Sunday Offering –Around the globe, countless gifted and qualified people face financial obstacles that hinder them from preparing for the vocation God has given them, especially youth and young adults. For ethnic students who will be the first generation in their families to attend college, or for those people of color who haven’t historically had access to resources that make higher education possible, our collection on World Communion Sunday contributes to educate these young people to become our clergy for the future of the church.

November – Building Partners-Cougar Cares– Many of our building partners use our space for free because we understand their work to be mission and ministry . Cougar Cares ensures that all Columbia High School students are able to enjoy their senior year rites of passage such as Prom. Last year, over 100 students were able to fully celebrate graduation with their classmates!  We want to continue to welcome Cougar Cares at Morrow, so our plan is to support them by funding their facility use donations. Approx $1000.

December – Building Partners- InterAct Theater Company Many of our building partners use our space for free. We want to continue to welcome InterAct Theater Company at Morrow, so we will support them by subsidizing their fees for the use of the building. Approx. $7500

January  Our Property through the Seasons – Taking care of the property at Morrow is very expensive, and unfortunately our weekly offerings don’t cover all our expenses, especially when the leaves and snow falls. Will you make a special gift to help clear the pathway for people to worship and be served at Morrow Church?

February – Morrow Church Building Partners- Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts  Many of our building partners use our space for free. We want to continue to welcome the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts at Morrow so we will support them by funding their facility donations!  Approx $1000.

Blessed to be together in ministry,

pastor janice