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Confirmation (Grades 8+)

What is Confirmation?

For students who have been baptized as infants, confirmation is an opportunity for them to voice for themselves with firmness (‘con’ = with) their faith commitment. Our baptism service asks parents, sponsors and church members to support the spiritual growth of the babies/young children as they grow and mature and we commit to that for our children. Now, we give students the time to make that statement on their own behalf.

For students who have not yet been baptized, our confirmation preparation ministry will prepare you to make your baptism vows.

Is Confirmation the same as joining the church?

No it isn’t, but we do give students who are confirmed the opportunity to join the church if they choose. Confirmation preparation at Morrow Church is a one-year long comprehensive program of spiritual exploration for students beginning in eighth grade.  

During confirmation the group members explore the basics of the Christian faith (our identity, our history and heritage, our practices, and our beliefs) and what it means to live the Christian life and be involved in the mission of the church for the world. 

Behind the learning is the larger goal of providing opportunities for you to experience different spiritualities and learn how your faith is a part of your life.  Our faith is not just about information. It is primarily about relationships – with God and with each other. Key to this is taking some time to let experiences, conversations and learning mold, shape, or transform you into the image of God. This takes time. 

We will have retreats, mission opportunities, field trips and group mentoring. It is intended that participants be involved in the whole range of activities, not just the morning classes.  

At the end of the year, group members have the opportunity to confirm their faith as their own decision and to join the church. However, the decision to be confirmed is just that – a decision, a choice. It is not required.

What is the Preparation Ministry?

The preparation is three parts:  class time to study the theology, and the history of the Christian Church and the United Methodist Church; mentoring by a group of adult friends in faith; and involvement with Morrow ministries.


Confirmation classes meet on Friday evenings at 5:30 p.m. in the Youth Room. Classes begin in September and run through May.


The group of confirmands is paired with a group of adult members of Morrow Church who meet with the students regularly to review questions from class, and look more deeply at topics well as share together a Bible study on the gospel of Luke.


Throughout the school year, confirmands attend meetings and ministry events of the church, participate in worship celebrations, and serve as part of the JYF leadership team in order to understand the role of a full member of a congregation.

Here’s what you should know most of all: participating in the preparation program gives you an opportunity to dedicate some serious time to thinking about who God is, how you relate to God, and to try out lots of different ways of connecting to God. Enjoy the journey. And feel free to invite friends that you think may also be interested in exploring their faith in a newer, deeper way.