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GED Classes Wednesdays

GED Wheelz program

The GED Wheelz Program was started in the Spring of 2015 by Penelope Brackett and her daughter, Lily Brackett, a that time a HS junior. It was later named GED Wheelz to honor Charles Carr. Charles was a great guy and committed student, self-named Wheelz, which captured his joyful irreverence for his wheelchair. He died far to young, in his 30s as a result of a heart attack. His commitment, humor and generosity is a continuing inspiration.
The program is a volunteer-led program sponsored and  based at Morrow Church, 200 Ridgewood Ave in Maplewood, NJ. It was founded to provide a low-cost, evening program to the local non-traditional  students. Penelope had been a coordinator for the very successful South Orange-Maplewood Adult School GED program which had run for 30 years and closed tin the summer of 2014.   
The Program’s fall and winter sessions run 12 weeks each; the summer session  is 8 weeks. Classes are held once weekly on Wednesday nights, starting at 7pm. The class is currently two hours, but we anticipate moving to 2.5 hours. Teachers need only to commit to 2 hours with either a math or language arts focus (grammar and writing ). Volunteer teachers are asked to make a minimum 4 week commitment during per session. 
The GED Program serves recent High School students through Senior Citizens. It provides an important support to adults in our area who are committed to getting their GED, but challenged in finding an affordable evening program. Our program is essentially a one room schoolroom. Students are 20s – 40+. About half of our students are not-native speakers. They all are grateful for the help. Still, they have multiple challenges getting there including job conflicts, transportation issues and family care, so we can have 2 – 15 people on a given night.
Our focus in math and language arts. However, we are looking for a teacher to take on social studies or science instruction (1/2 hour weekly group lesson) 
In math, most students will need to start with basic review starting with order of operations. Most of our students will spend substantial time on fractions and decimals. A very few will move into needed a algebra and geometry. However, all are served with the math support. To reiterate, tutors need only be confident through fractions, decimals and percent. We have teachers to handle the advanced few.
Our language students are more diverse. Some are essentially ESL students and need extensive grammar/vocabulary support. All will need review on grammar tenses, run-on and comma splices. All will need to support in essay writing, particularly thesis development and organization. 
The general format (evolving): 1/2 hour group grammar lesson, followed by small group tutoring sessions.  Students will be pulled out individually to work on writing. We are looking for a teacher to handle half hour group social studies or science lessons.
Thank you for your interest.