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Morrow Church To Host Syrian Supper Club

Last fall, friends from the Bnai Keshet Synagogue in Montclair launched an initiative to help welcome Syrian refugee families settling in our community and assure them we are grateful they are here. These supper events raise funds for families as they struggle to adjust to a new home, learn our strange language, and find gainful employment. We share delicious Syrian food prepared by family members, communicate through interpreters hailing from a range of Arab-speaking countries, and make new friends.

A recent article in the New York Times featured a photo of Dorothy Wetzel, chair of Morrow’s Global and Community Outreach Committee, attending one of these events. The humane goals of the initiative are beautifully described in the article:

  In the months since the election, millions of Americans have taken to the streets to   protest … While the public demonstrations have caught the nation’s attention, a quieter movement is also happening in living rooms and at dining room tables in the city and around the country.

People have opened their homes to neighbors and strangers in ways they have not done before… And at a time when many people, particularly immigrants, feel vulnerable, a private home can provide refuge.

Our first Morrow events will be hosted by Dorothy Wetzel (April 22) and Natalie Farfan (May 6). We invite you to sign up for these dinners or to host your own (if your home has room for 20-16 guests). Learn more about the initiative and sign up for the dinners chez Dorothy, Nathalie or other hosts here.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Nielsen at (c) 202-294-6304 or jnnielsen2000@gmail.com.