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Funerals & Memorial Services

Services at Morrow Church


Morrow Church offers three spaces for funeral and memorial services:

The Sanctuary, the location of our worship celebrations on Sunday mornings, holds up to 600 people. This space features an organ, piano, and sound accommodations for soloists and musical ensembles.

Ivy Chapel is a smaller, more intimate space that holds up to 70 people and features an organ and a piano.

The Chapel Garden is Morrow Church’s outdoor memorial space available for small services and for the interment of ashes.

All spaces are accessible for people with disabilities.

Morrow Church charges the following professional and facility fees for services:

Member Non-Member
Pastor Fee Waived $250
Director of Music Ministries* $200 $250
Sexton $100 $150
Sanctuary Fee Waived $300
(suggested donation)
Ivy Chapel Fee Waived $150
(suggested donation)


Any charges for additional soloists or professionals are the sole responsibility of the family.

*An additional fee may be charged for rehearsal if needed.

*As our resident musician, the Director of Music Ministries has first right of refusal of all services. If an outside organist is preferred, a $100 bench fee is required for the Music Director.


Before the Service


Contact the church office to consult with the presiding pastor before setting the date and time of the service. The inclusion of flowers, decorations, photo boards, easels, or other items must be discussed with the pastor ahead of time.

The funeral home also will need to coordinate any necessary details with the pastor.


Interment in the Chapel Garden


The Chapel Garden serves as a memorial space for the interment of ashes. Interment is available for church members only.

The standard fee is a one-time contribution of $400, which includes an urn and a nameplate for the Memorial Wall.

Plots may be purchased in advance for the standard fee.

If you are interested in arranging for interment, please contact the church office at opendoors@morrowchurch.org or (973) 763-7676.



Off-Site Services


All services held at a funeral home, graveside, or other location must be worked out individually with the presiding pastor. Please call the church office to arrange a meeting to discuss the details.