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Hebrew Bible Studies (KLH)

Tuesday evenings 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Second Mile Room
Please email Dr. SuJung Shin, sshin@nbts.edu

Session 1 : The Creation and After

September 24: Why Two Creation Stories in the Bible? (Genesis 1)
October 1: Two Creation Stories Cont’d (Genesis 2)
October 8: “Leaving the Garden—Did They Fall or Were They Pushed?” (Genesis 3)
October 15: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” (Genesis 4)

Session 2: Isaiah in OT and NT

October 29: “God is with us” (“Immanuel”) (in Isaiah/Matthew)
November 5: “Prepare the Way of the Lord” (in Isaiah/Mark)
November 12: “The Suffering Servant” (in Isaiah/Luke)
November 19: Jesus’ Reading of the Scroll of Isaiah (Isaiah 61/Luke 4:17)

Session 3: The Mother(s) and Father(s)
of Israel and the Abrahamic Religions

TBD 2020: Abram and Sarai become Abraham and Sarah
TBD 2020: Sarah and Isaac
TBD 2020: Hagar and Ishmael
TBD 2020: The Sacrifice of Isaac