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I Am Morrow – Amy

The  ASP Ministry gave my daughter and me a way to directly touch the lives of people who needed our help. We served in Kentucky for a week, ripping out the floor and laying new sub-flooring for an elderly couple that became like family.

The experience of giving hands-on help to people who need it was life-changing, as many people said it would be. I didn’t expect to connect so quickly with our homeowners, but when I heard their stories of struggling to make ends meet, how difficult it is for them to get a leg up, and the tough choices they are faced with everyday, empathy began to flow. Of course, we shared some good laughs and heard some amazing stories about their lives too.  All this – the troubles and the laughter, the ups and downs of their lives, made me realize that how “the same” we are. Our differences seemed few during our week together. That was a precious thing to experience.

Most people will say, “I’m forever changed” after a mission trip. I’ve been tempted to roll my eyes at that phrase. And yet, I do feel that something shifted within me. My perspective changed forever since that trip, that’s for sure. Experiencing the deep spiritual truth that we are all connected was a huge shift in my perspective. Knowing that I can help and make a difference was another game-changer for me in my life. The experience was completely worthwhile and something I will remember for a very, very long time.