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I Am Morrow – Elena

My name is Elena Hause, and I recently aged out of the Morrow Musical Theatre Camp (MMTC) program. I’d been part of this program for only 2 years, two musicals, yet I believe that it really made an impact on me as a performer and a person and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. At first, it didn’t seem like it could do a lot for me, but over the course of my two weeks, I developed a genuine bond with friends who supported me and adults who always did the right thing. I entered the church at the beginning of my first week terrified, and I think I left it at the end a role model.

MMTC was important to me because I could spend my days around people who were kind to me and helped me be kinder. I could really develop my identity as a performer, while also learning about the problems in the world and what I could do to help. I love that Morrow Church has a program like this, because I think it lets them reach out to the younger generation and help them better themselves by doing the thing they love. I think that Morrow is a place where people come to learn how to live an improved life and do the right thing, which in turn becomes the thing they love to do.