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I Am Morrow – Elliot

 I was in Vacation Bible School this past summer at Morrow Memorial Methodist Church. It was called Peace & Justice camp! We learned about how to be nice to others, to help people when they have disabilities, that there are some people in need, and we even learned that farmers don’t get enough pay for the work they do. 
     My favorite activity was Peace Park, where we read stories and did some fun stuff that taught us a lot. One day we met a man with disabilities who taught us that disabled people can still do sports. The Green Bean visit was also great. We gathered food for the Green Bean to give to people in need. 
     After Peace & Justice camp was over, I wanted to do more to help people in need, so I made a lemonade stand. I sold lemonade and raised money to give to Pastor Brenda. Vacation Bible School helped me learn that I can help the community around me.