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I Am Morrow – June Hee

I still remember the first day that I participated in the Morrow worship at the Chapel Garden years ago. The weather was perfectly beautiful in the garden and the small gathering of Morrow members was so welcoming. Warmly welcomed by the garden, people and worship, I could sense that I found a place where I could quench my thirst for the emancipating message and ministry of God. My first impression was right. Since then, Morrow Church has been a place of learning about possibilities of such message and ministry.

As a person who graduated a progressive Methodist seminary and was still then a member of a conservative Korean American church, Church seemed to be a fortress with unyielding rigid walls where progressive faith and theology could not be easily practiced. When I was becoming weary, I was fortunate to have found Morrow Church where justice oriented ministry is continuously sought for with the fire of Holy Spirit still in it.

Among numerous ministries that Morrow provides, one of the impressive ministries that I observed was Sunday school and Youth Ministries. The educational ministries at Morrow are seamlessly aligned with the focus of the adult ministry, which is their focus on realization of Love and Justice in our everyday life. While I was volunteering for the Vacation Bible School for the Sunday school for the last two years, I truly learned immensely through the unique curriculum and executions of the program that Pastor Brenda developed. I was so grateful to know that the message of Love and Justice can reach to the future generation with such an innovative and powerful way.

As a beginner Morrow member, I am excited to be part of Morrow Church and looking forward to learning more from other ministries that Morrow invites us to join! My family and I are deeply grateful.