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I Am Morrow – Maeve

My name is Maeve Tuohy and I am a freshman at Columbia High School. I have been a part of Morrow Church for 7 years. I attended youth group and some other activities but had little knowledge or understanding of my faith and connection to God. Early last year I started taking confirmation classes with Pastor Brenda. We met every Friday night and ate dinner together.  When it began i didn’t know the kids to well and I was unsure of my faith and spirituality.

After meeting with the group once a week and working on different readings I felt a stronger connection to the other girls in the group and Pastor Brenda and also started to understand my role as a member of the church. Through the Confirmation activities like visiting a Greek orthodox church and going to Philadelphia to see some of the first Methodist churches I grew to appreciate what Morrow Church had to offer me in worship and community.  Soon it was time for my actual confirmation which was beautiful and filled with friends and family. I spoke in front of the congregation and with certainty could describe some of the places I had felt God’s presence, such as the Lake near my Grandparents house. Through these experiences and with Brenda’s guidance I gained a better understanding of God’s presence in my life. This whole journey is just one of the ways Morrow helped me to understand and develop my faith.