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I Am Morrow – Mary Beth

“Turnover makes a difference in the world”

Morrow has been my spiritual home for almost 20 years.  I have wonderful supportive relationships with a diverse group of people at Morrow, and I love the Methodist challenge of “Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” The Morrow study groups I have participated in and the volunteer opportunities I have contributed to are the actions that have nurtured my Christian growth.  And I know at Morrow that I am a part of something bigger than myself, and I can accomplish things that I couldn’t do alone.

I have recently been very involved in Morrow’s Turnover sale.  This has helped me to know and appreciate a group of both Morrow members and community volunteers all of whom want to “transform the world”.  Turnover allows people to donate items they don’t need, provides a wonderful social community and support group for the workers, allows shoppers to find bargains, and provides a significant amount of money (over $70,000 last year) that can be donated to both Morrow youth programs and local and international charities.  Turnover was started by a few Morrow women during the depression and is still going strong 85 years later. Talk about being able to make a difference in the world!