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I Am Morrow – Piper and Candice

Piper: The youth group at Morrow Church has provided me with a way to meet new people and do social justice work and community service within our town and to other areas. This program has made me more aware of all the things that are happening in the world and it is really nice to feel like I am doing something to help improve other people’s lives. Morrow Church’s Youth Group has made me a more conscious citizen, it has been an outlet for open and candid discussions and has been a great support to me during my middle school years.

Candice: As a first time mom of a young tween, there really weren’t many outlets or activities for kids of this age to do, for free, on a Friday night. My daughter started out with JYF in 6th grade, upon invitation of a friend. It was nice to see her flourish in an environment with other kids her age, where they can go and have fun but then would come back with very thoughtful and introspective questions. Most of all, she looked forward to JYF every Friday! She couldn’t wait to go and hang out with her friends. ┬áTheir activities are thought provoking yet age appropriate, their retreats and trips are very special and youth oriented and their programs offer something for everyone. After three years, I can say that as a family, We love JYF and Morrow Church. Although our daughter entered into the program; as a family we emerged with more connections, support, friendship and fellowship than we thought possible. JYF will enrich your family’s life as well as your child’s and we can guarantee that it is the antidote to raising a healthy tween because they build a connection and lifeline for youth to engage among their peers and trained youth ministers and strengthen those family and community ties.