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I Am Morrow – Tim

I come from a background where I was always taught about and had an opportunity to see, the different challenges of people and communities in many places.  So I guess I was always keen to participate. Morrow’s own various ministries focus has enabled me to see, in detail, a broad array of issues near to home and far away.  From building houses in Newark for Habitat for Humanity on a street which was then in poor state, and is now just a short distance from where my daughter lives! To learning about the challenges in rural America and taking youth groups to the Louisiana Bayous.  Learning about homelessness through IHN here in our own community. Indeed some of the most remarkable, meaningful and rewarding times in my life have come on, trips to Haiti just after the 2010 earthquake or some of the mission trips to Sierra Leone, West Africa.  

This participation gives perspective to one’s own life and challenges,  Somehow the owns stresses can be put in place after you have seen Ebola Camps up close, walked through tent cities or talked to people in Morrow’s Kitchen who are staying with us for week.

Morrow and the wider UMC provides structures and processes through which we can work with reasonable confidence, whether it be fiscal or physical security.  That makes things possible which otherwise could not have happened. Therefore, I have had the privilege of seeing and being able to tell the stories to anyone who will listen and in my own small way bring us closer together.  We have just funded a school in remote Sierra Leone and whilst there, talking to desperately poor people, it hits home that we have more in common than we think. For example parents, teachers and children just want and need schools; that have good teachers who care (and are paid fairly), a building that does not leak or blow away, providing security and opportunity.