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Meeting Emergency Needs with Dignity




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Meeting Emergency Needs with Dignity (MEND) is an interfaith organization that works to meet the emergency needs of people in Essex County.

MEND supports 18 food pantries in Essex County, including local pantries at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange and St. Joseph’s in Maplewood. We provide funding, food, social services referrals, & volunteers for our food pantries.

MEND supports and facilitates the personal growth and self-sufficiency of people in need, helps them get much-needed benefits, and advocates for policies that improve their quality of life.



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About MEND and Morrow Church

MEND Cassroles - FrameWe’re grateful to Morrow Church for always rising to the occasion and helping to meet the needs of people facing hunger in our local community. With the recent closure of two soup kitchens in Newark, our remaining food pantries have become vital resources for people in need.

In addition to collecting food pantry donations, Morrow Church provides frozen breakfast casseroles for the Bessie Green Center, which serves breakfast and lunch 5 days a week. Each month, small groups from Morrow Church come together to prepare a hearty casserole that can be served for lunch.

Over the past year, Sisters In Faith, two Brownie Troops, the Pied Pipers, Junior Youth Fellowship, and the sixth-grade class during Vacation Bible School all made casseroles for MEND. We’ve even had several birthday parties held in the kitchen, which people celebrated while making casseroles for those in need.

Since January 2015, our church community has delivered 275 casseroles, a dozen gallons of Danish Beef Stew, and 120 servings of Black Bean Confetti Chili to the Bessie Green Center. We’ve also donated a total of $2,500.00 and countless food items to support MEND.

Plus, through our “Help a Family at Christmas” program, Morrow Church has provided gifts, gift cards, and grocery cards for 14 families, reaching a total of 70 individuals.