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Weekly Programming


Echo the Story 36

Bible Exploration

6th and 7th Grade

Students explore 36 Bible stories through an innovative story exploration called “Echo the Story”. Students use multiple learning activities — video, story linking, sketching and others — to dig into stories and find ways that they connect to their lives.

curriculum: Echo the Story


CredoConfirmation Class

8th Grade

Confirmation at Morrow Church is a one-year long comprehensive program of education and spiritual formation for students beginning in eighth grade.

During confirmation the class members are instructed in the basics of the faith (our identity, our history and heritage, our practices, and our beliefs) and what it means to live the Christian life and be involved in the mission of the church in the world.

Behind the instruction of the class is the larger goal of spiritual formation and Christian discipleship.  Our faith is not just about information.  It is primarily about relationships – with God and with neighbors.  Key to this is spiritual formation – being molded, shaped, or transformed into the image of God.

curriculum: Cokesbury’s Credo



Friday 7-9:00 pm (unless noted)
JYF is a community-wide program for middle school-aged students that provides a way for students to live out their faith through service and developing faithful friendships. Each week, students focus on serving in different ways — it might be cooking for people, playing Bingo with elderly, sorting food at a pantry, creating pillowcases for students in the hospital. Parents/guardians participate by chaperoning 3 events per year.

**Reminder JYF is a Parent Co-Op! We are using Volunteer Spot this year to make our sign-up process easier for you so please click HERE and sign up for your 3 events. If you have any problems or questions please let us know!



Sunday evenings 7-8pm 

Students have an opportunity to gather weekly for a small group time of sharing. Each week there will be a short, interactive devotion and a time for students to share and explore their faith stories with each other.

CHOIR and MUSIC programs

For more information about Morrow’s music programs and further music opportunities, visit the Music Ministry page. To join any of our groups, contact Holland Jancaitis (hollandj@morrowchurch.org) or call the main office.


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