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The word confirmation literally means, “with firm-ness.” Confirmation means to make firm or solid what has gone before — what our parents, families, church and God have done.

The “before” refers to our baptism, and to our faith journey up to the point of confirmation.  At our baptisms, God claimed us and baptism reminds us that God loves us even before we can respond.  Our parents/guardians or sponsors pledged to raise us in faith and our church pledged to help them.  Now, it is our decision and our time to claim how we will continue on our faith journeys and live out our lives as we claim the name Christian.  The way we do that — professing our faith, living it out and following Christ — that is what confirms us in the faith.

At Morrow Church we invite students beginning in 8th grade to a course of study that prepares them for confirmation, if they choose to do so.  The first school year (September – June) we examine what it is that makes up our faith and how others have claimed theirs (theology).  In the second school year, we spend a semester (September – Jan.) learning about church history, United Methodist history and how our story fits into the church’s story.  Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am during our Education Hour.

Along the way, confirmands walk with a mentor — an adult member of Morrow Church — that spends time with the confirmand exploring questions from the class gatherings as well as separate Bible readings and discussions.  There are also periodic retreats for confirmands and visits to other houses of worship and historic and spiritual sites.