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Retreats/Mission Trips

There are additional opportunities available for high school youth at Morrow Church. Many are through the Greater New Jersey United Methodist Conference, and the Northeastern Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries, United Methodist Church.

SEARCH Retreat for Christian Maturity is a weekend event during which young men and women come together for a sharing of faith, fun and fellowship.  It is an opportunity for students to gain a greater insight into the meaning of Christ in their lives as well as insights into the ways faith may find expressions in the world.  This is done through Search’s youth to youth approach.

The core of the weekend is a series of talks and discussions which thread their way through the program.  A team of young people share experiences in their lives that have tested their beliefs.  Their talks are prepared over a number of weeks under the guidance of a pastor and other team members.

The Search weekend is only the beginning of a relationship with Christ and other persons who are growing in their faith.  We hope that you will return to your church or campus and become more active in ministry.  We also hope that you will share what you learn about yourself during the weekend with others who are also on a journey of faith.

Students in grades 10 through college are encouraged to attend a Search Retreat if they feel prepared to do so.  Email Rev. Brenda Ehlers or Mary Jane van Zeijts for an application.

The retreat typically takes place in January. 

Click here for application and information package.

The Christian Outreach Project now in its 31st year, pairs Morrow youth with youth groups from churches around the state to repair homes for elderly residents of northwestern New Jersey.  The group spends a week working, sharing and worshiping together.

The youth meet after church service on Sunday and return Saturday mid-day exhausted and energized from their week of work and fellowship.

The dates for 2013 are June 30 – July 6.


taizecrossTaizé – Young Adult Spiritual Pilgrimage – Youth and young adults between 16 and 29 years of age, are invited to attend a week-long spiritual pilgrimage.

Taizé is an opportunity to seek communion with God through common prayer, singing, personal reflection and sharing. Being in Taizé is also a preparation for taking on responsibilities back at home with a view to being bearers of peace and trust.

When pilgrims arrive at Taizé, they are welcomed by a community of brothers who have made a lifelong commitment to follow Christ in common life and celibacy, in simplicity of life. The GNJAC goal of the pilgrimage is to discover new depths of faith that enable us to make disciples for Jesus Christ who are committed to a world-wide connectional sharing of the gospel, in word and deed.

Taizé is located in France, a bus ride from Geneva. Accommodations there are rustic, with dormitory style life, sleeping in tents. Pilgrims sleep on their own bedrolls. Food, showers, and other accommodations are very simple. Pilgrims must carry their own clothing, supplies, air mattresses and sleeping bags.  Daily routines include worship, Bible study, prayer, silence, reflection, faith sharing, camp chores, and fellowship with 5,000 pilgrims from around the world.

If a student in 11th or 12th grade is interested, they should contact Pastor Chris Heckert no later than January 15, 2014 and click here for application to participate in the pilgrimage July 2014.

Mission of Peace  is a yearly journey of discovery and Shalom to nations in our global community sponsored by the Northeast Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries of the United Methodist Church.  Each year — generally right after Christmas through the second week of January — every Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in the Northeastern Jurisdiction sends up to three youth to share in this experience.  On each MOP, participants worship in churches, meet youth in churches and civic organizations and share with people who have a similar longing for peace and understanding.

The MOP is a journey which leads each participant to discover God’s Spirit at work in the world.  It is primarily a people to people experience in which we learn from our hosts how they live as disciples of Jesus Christ in their country. It is a mission which has brought us closer to God’s hoped for community where all are sisters and brothers.

In January 2013, a students from Morrow Church was selected to represent the Greater NJ Annual Conference on the Mission of Peace in 2014.  If you are interested in applying for the Mission of Peace, email Erica Munoz at emunoz@gnjumc.org for an application.

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2014 for the January 2015.