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Morrow Turnover Sale Dates and Acceptable and Unacceptable Items

2018 Morrow Turnover Sale Dates are:                                            

Thursday, July 5   7-9 pm

Saturday, July 7  9:30-12 noon

Tuesday, July 10  7-9 pm

Saturday, July 14  9:30-12 noon

Tuesday, July 17  9:30-12 noon

We are closed on Wednesday, July 4th.

Donations will be accepted Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturdays Noon – 4 p.m.

Quality donations accepted July 5th – July 12th  (No Sundays!)


Morrow Turnover Sale – donation guidelines                     

Thanks for considering a donation to Morrow’s Turnover Sale.  Please sort like items together into bags or boxes weighing less than 20 pounds for easy handling by our volunteers.  Also, please only donate goods in good resale condition – we must pay disposal fees after the sale for unsold items.  The list below isn’t exhaustive; if you aren’t sure about donating an item, email us at: morrowturnover@gmail.com.

What we accept:

  • Clothing, Shoes and Clothing Accessories – items in good to excellent condition.
  • Jewelry, china, crystal, flatware
  • Furniture and lamps – in good to excellent condition.
  • Household / Kitchen items
  • Curtains, rugs, drapery accessories
  • Toys – games, dolls, action figures, pre-school toys, game tables, child chairs & tables
  • Books and DVDs, books on tape
  • Luggage
  • Computers, flat screen monitors, and small copiers that utilize current technology
  • Working flat screen TVs, DVD and VCR players, turntables in any condition, receivers, speakers
  • Electrical – fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, kitchen appliances, radios, speakers, audio systems, dorm refrigerators, hair dryers, sewing machines, cameras – items should be clean and in good working order
  • Gardening, lawn care, home improvement and snow implements, sporting goods, tools
  • Collectible items including seasonal and home decorations

What we cannot accept:

  • Child car seats
  • Magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, VHS tapes
  • Computer tube monitors, large and heavy copiers or fax machines, anything that won’t work with current technology, out of date sound systems, humidifiers
  • Attic and Ceiling fans, unless in the original packaging
  • Exercise machines and skis
  • Box springs and mattresses, bed pillows
  • Built-in appliances and construction materials
  • Appliances that are not in working condition, very large appliances
  • Furniture:
    • Cribs with sliding sides
    • Entertainment Centers, China cabinets (unless pre-approved), and built-in furniture / cabinets
    • Bunk beds, sofa beds, trundle beds, water beds, steel bed frames
    • Furniture made of particle board or Formica
    • Large office furniture including computer desks
    • Large upholstered sofas – All sofas must be pre-approved
  • Anything flammable or hazardous (gasoline, paint, motor oil)
  • Auto tires, rims, auto radios, batteries
  • Very large pieces of furniture should be pre-approved.

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