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Morrow UMC Response


Monday October 28, 2019

To Members, friends, and others who have a connection to Morrow Church:

On Sunday October 27, 2019, at a special meeting of church council, the council discussed and passed a resolution in response to the actions of the October 26, 2019 Special Session of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

Morrow Church Council Resolution:
Whereas, Morrow Church is a reconciling congregation that recognizes that all people are children of God, and that specifically the LGBTQ+ community is welcome to full participation in the life of the church, including ministry and marriage,

Whereas, the bishop of GNJ clearly stated that there would be no trials or punitive action taken against clergy or churches that break ranks with The Book of Discipline in regards to LGBTQ+ issues;

Whereas, the gathered body affirmed the work of the The Way Forward Team that creates a plan that allows more churches to join Morrow’s example of an inclusive community- ministry by, with and for the LGBTQ+ community;

Whereas, the gathered body affirmed that the Board of Ordained Ministry would not take into account issues of sexuality or gender in recommending persons for ordination;

Be it resolved that Morrow Church restores its commitment of payment of apportionments to the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.


When Morrow Church began withholding apportionments, it was decided to continue to do so until a time when LGBTQ+ persons in the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference have the same privileges of all members, including marriage and ordination. Morrow Church is uplifted by the actions of Bishop Schol and the decisive legislation of inclusion and affirmation that are both in alignment with providing those privileges to all members.

At Morrow Church we firmly believe in the sacred worth of all people and are grateful for this movement of the Holy Spirit in GNJ. There is still work to do. As we continue our work in the United Methodist Church, we desire to be an example. We also hope to be a model and resource to assist our peer churches. By taking this action we can do, and be, all of these things and so much more.  Thank you for agreeing to support this action.

I am grateful to be with you in ministry,

Rev. Janice Lynn