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Pied Pipers’ Meal Delivery

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Since 2007, the Pied Pipers have been preparing delicious home-cooked meals to people in need.

Each month, members take turns hosting cooking sessions in their homes or in the Morrow Church kitchen.  


We identify church members and others in need — people just home from the hospital, expectant and new at-home parents, caregivers in need of respite, those in mourning, and others — who might benefit from a warm, home-cooked meal. After gathering to cook, we deliver the meals to individuals’ homes.

Each year, we prepare & deliver hundreds of delicious meals. 

No cooking experience is required to join! We welcome any and all male members of Morrow Church who are interested in socializing, gathering for fellowship, and learning new cooking skills.


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To join the Pied Pipers, contact Duncan Ewald, the coordinator of Pied Pipers. 

To request a meal, send us a note! Tell us what foods you enjoy eating and any foods you must avoid (i.e., food allergies, special diets, etc.). We’ll do our best to delight your taste buds!