Companions In Faith

An Altar in the World February 11

Chapter Three: The Practice of Wearing Skin

Chapter Four: The Practice of Walking on the Earth

An Altar in the World  February 18

Chapter Five: The Practice of Getting Lost

Chapter Six: The Practice of Encountering Others

An Altar in the World February 25

Chapter Seven: The Practice of Living with Purpose

Chapter Eight: The Practice of Saying No

An Altar in the World March 4

Chapter Nine: The Practice of Carrying Water   

Chapter Ten: The Practice of Feeling Pain

An Altar in the World March 11

Chapter Eleven: The Practice of Being Present to God

An Altar in the World March 18

Chapter Twelve: The Practice of Pronouncing Blessings

Companions in Faith, open to people of all ages, offers a time to come together for conversation, study, and support. Typically, group meetings are organized around open discussions in which we share our thoughts on a selected source book. We talk about the weekly readings as well as share our own experiences. In each meeting, there is time for concerns, joys, and prayer. Through it all, we support each other, journey together, and come closer to God. The group meets Thursday mornings online, from 9:30 am – 11:00 am.