Advent Art


Amazon Link for Supplies

Week 1

Mosaic Tile – This could be a gorgeous wall hanging, trivet or wall tile. We’ll have a great time playing with mosaics and grouting.


Week 2

Paint Poured Coasters – Here is an opportunity to spill something and make it fabulous. It is also a time to find the beauty in the swirl of colors and life! These coasters are great to gift or keep. 


Week 3

Air Dry Ornaments – We get to play with clay! In addition to smushing and forming, we get to imprint ornaments and then embellish with paint (or leave white).


Week 4

Cookie Painting — Working with watercolors is fun — especially when you get to paint on a cookie! We’ll be making beautiful cookies with a painting technique that works on cookies as  well as paper.

The links to supplies you can find on Amazon above.  Feel free to use your own materials or purchase anyplace.