Sunday School

2023 Spring Sunday School Schedule

  • 2/26 -- Mary, Martha and chickens
  • 3/5 -- Zacchaeus and tree seedlings
  • 3/12 -- Jesus washes feet -- irrigation and wells
  • 3/19 -- Last Supper -- Biogas Stoves
  • 3/26 -- Prayer in the Garden -- Fertilizer, seeds and worms
  • 4/2 -- Jesus Enters Jerusalem -- Alpacas
  • 4/9 -- Easter -- Cacao
  • 4/16 -- Great Commission -- Sheep and goats
  • 4/23 -- Heifer Fair!!!!!

Sunday Mornings

Age-level Classes for Pre-K – Grade 7.  
Our Sunday morning faith formation groups meet during our 10:30am service. Our theme is "Celebrate Wonder" where ask lots of "I wonder" questions as we work together to grow in understanding of God in our lives through stories, games, music, art and lots of sharing.

Things we believe to be true about growing children’s faith:

Better Together. Learning and growing in our spiritual lives is better when we are with others. We think that hearing from friends of all ages, parents, other adults and our teachers — about how we experience God in our lives; what Bible stories mean to us; what kinds of questions we have — help all of us grow as caring, loving people.

Multiple Learnings. Students will follow a themed curriculum, learning traditional bible stories and applying to their lives  lessons of wisdom, empathy, respect, and love. This fresh, exciting format which includes worship, music, video, games, and multiple story-telling styles, is designed for pre-K to Grade 5 and features loving lessons on the stories of Jesus. Through these, the children connect with the spirit and fan the light of the divine within them.

Relational Teaching. The prophet Isaiah describes our closeness to God,  "we are embedded into the palm of God’s hand." We follow that model, with teachers keeping up with the children’s interests, questions, activities and concerns; sharing stories of our lives and loves together; wondering together about the stories of our faith, and our experiences of God.