Be a Part of

The Journey to Bethlehem

Below is a script and a scene list. If any of your children would like to record themselves reading some or all of the script, please do! Send us an audio recording of the reading. If they would like to sing or play a Christmas hymn, please record as an audio file too. And, if you would like to act out any of the scenes -- or all of them -- please do. You can record them on your phone, iPad, or camera and send us the videos.

Narration:  Download available here

Scenes to Video

  1. Mary doing something in a home and being visited by the angel. The angel reassuring her not to be afraid.
  2. Mary telling Joseph about the visit from the angel.
  3. Joseph sleeping and being visited by an angel.
  4. Caesar decreeing that a census needed to be taken.
  5. Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem.
  6. Joseph and Mary looking for a place to stay and being told there were no rooms.
  7. Mary and Joseph going to the stable (maybe with lots of animals around them.
  8. Mary holding the baby and then putting the baby in a box or some sort of container that would hold food for animals.
  9. Shepherds taking care of sheep and then being visited by an angel and then, perhaps many angels,
  10. The shepherds going to the stable to visit Mary, Joseph and Jesus (and perhaps animals).
  11. The magi following a star
  12. The magi visit Mary, Joseph and Jesus and present gifts (does not have to be at the stable

Music to Record

Any Christmas hymn that you’d like to sing or play — just one verse is great!