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Gratitude and Prayer

Growing Up Generous: Engaging Youth in Giving and Serving by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, creates a mosaic of what is happening - and could happen - in American Jewish and Christian congregations to cultivate in young people a deep and lasting commitment to giving and serving.

Mind Your Money: One Hundred Discussion Starters to Get You Thinking and Talking and Family Money Talks are both great resources for getting teens ready to make money decisions.


There is plenty of evidence that practicing gratitude dramatically increases our sense of well-being. On Gratitude, a lovely new book by Todd Aaron Jensen, reels us back from our dystopian mental habits by reminding us of the blessings big and small, from pajamas to parents to perfect timing, that make life worth living.

Gratitude: Entering Sacred Relationship, with Tara Brach

Gratitude arises when we are in sacred relationship with life—present, open and receptive. Tara Brach explores the centrality of gratitude to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and then looks at the ways we can directly gladden our minds with gratitude.

General Resources:


Parenting Forward - https://cindywangbrandt.com/parenting-forward/

Fuller Youth Institute Parenting Articles (includes a variety of topics on teenagers, parenting, and faith)


How to Help Your Teen Overcome Fears of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Being a Christian in a Postmodern World


Helping your Teen Athlete Deal with Sport's Pressure 


We all know that perfect parenting does not exist, yet we still struggle with expectations and end up spending precious time and energy managing perception of the families we show to the world. On The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting, Dr. Brené Brown presents ten guideposts to creating what she describes as "wholehearted" families where each of us can continually learn and grow.

In Bless This Messparents will gain practical tools as they learn how to talk to their children about money, God, ethics, bullying, disabilities, sexuality, and their bodies. Parents will also glean insights on how to actually stress less, as well as practices for the whole family, like serving others and living a life of generosity and gratitude.

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